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GMS Plastering

Our company has experienced and skilled plasterers who have worked on homes of all sizes. GMS Plastering has been providing great service for over 10 years. We are driven by offering excellent customer service and attention to detail, to ensure our client's satisfaction.


  • New plastering installations: This involves applying a new layer of plaster to a surface that has never been plastered before. It could be for new construction or renovations.

  • Plaster repair: This involves fixing cracks, holes, and other damages on plastered surfaces. The repair could be minor or extensive, depending on the damage.

  • Plaster restoration: This involves restoring old and damaged plastered surfaces to their original condition. It could involve removing old plaster, repairing the underlying structure, and reapplying new plaster.

 High Quality Materials 

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Affordable Prices

Are you ready for your next project?

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